• anonymous_feelz 20w

    Why is this private pain so public

    Why do u have to know?

    Why is it that everyones looking

    At what's going on below.

    Why do you have to notice

    The brusies and scars i hide

    The marks underneath these clothes

    You dont realise how hard i tried.

    Why is it that you think its okay

    To peek and look and see

    Why cant you just mind your own business

    And stop being so nosy.

    Why did i have to inflict the pain

    In a wave of sadness and distress

    Why did i choose that part of myself

    To make a raw and bloody mess?

    But then im thankful for your observations

    That you really can see through

    The outer shell i present

    To realise my insides are blue.

    Maybe in some way i was crying out

    That i hurt and cut myself

    Because in the end, afterall

    I knew... You'd help