• seraphic_pristine 5w

    Hold my hand

    Come my love hold my hand
    I shall take you out of the sand
    and will take you to the place you belong
    the place in my heart and in my song
    but for that the way is so long,
    I need a companion, to stay strong
    So my love please come along.

    I know it's hard long way to go,
    and lots of agony it's going to show
    time shall be quick and we little slow,
    so hold my hand tight my love
    sky is so high, we need to fly above

    Lots of valley , mountains to cross
    Stormy nights we need to come across,
    frosty days are yet to come
    so patience we need to keep some,
    Baby we need to be strong,
    need to face and manage somehow,
    cause baby we've come so long,
    and can't leave for the home right now,

    I know it's hard , baby look at me,
    we've been so strong and still should be,
    cause after all these , there's a destiny,
    a beautiful land for just you and me

    So baby hold my hand,
    together let's cross this land
    hard it is , and long although,
    lets be strong and should'nt let it go
    just a bit courage we gotta show
    then I 'm sure we'll catch our flow,
    and shall flow with a radiant glow
    So baby hold me tight
    let's fight for this only night,
    cause Sun too sets in paradise,
    but the next-day it's always nice
    shines more bright with a beautiful rise

    Together we can, and together we will,
    that's my love what I always feel.