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    I Thought You Should Know
    by Carolyn Glackin
    I love you regardless of what your beliefs are, even if they are the opposite of my own, because loving and respecting you only if you believe the way I do isn't love at all.
    I love you far beyond your ethnicity or skin color, because in the end, neither have much to do with anything and both cease to exist the moment we leave our earthly bodies.
    I love you no matter what your religious preferences are, because I understand that such things exist only in this world and they don't offend me in the least. I respect your freedom of choice in that and all regards.
    I love you well beyond all outer accoutrements that you carry with you in this life. The ones that dress you up, and supposedly define you.
    The ones that neatly label you for purposes of earthly identification.
    The ones that allow others the audacity to pass judgment on you.
    Yes, I love you well beyond those, and I don't bother paying any heed to them, because in the very end, when every last bit of this has come to pass, and you have drawn your last shallow breath within this incarnation, all of that goes away...
    It may seem sad, and even scary to fathom for some, but it's the truth. Because though seemingly real, while alive here on earth, none of that had or has a single thing to do with the divine, eternal YOU.
    And that's the one I keep my focus on at all times.
    That's the one I look and listen for in my heart.
    That's the one whose existence I fully believe in.
    We share a spark of divinity that both links and unites us forevermore, and nothing could shake my mind from that truth.
    And now I hope you can understand why - despite all of the false illusions and distractions, despite the fodder and junk meant to separate us, despite your best efforts to show me the opposite... I truly hope you can understand why I can think of no other way to perceive you than with love...
    It's really that simple, and it's pretty much all that really matters, so I thought you should know.
    Blessings always,

    Words from the heart of an overly emotional mother, after a week that has been too long and harrowing; but perhaps it's the harsh, difficult moments in life that allow us to refocus on what's true, what's important, what's real, and what's really worthy of our attention. I offer it with love.

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