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    Of late, I have been very shy about sharing my writings. This one was born amidst salt and smoke of strange confluence of unfortunate news of Sri Lankan bombings, Mob lynching incidents in India and a conversation with a friend about the Tikapur massacre.

    Reticently deciding to share this one.

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    रे कबिरा । रे कुबेरा

    Brother, I have known a place somewhere far from time.
    Beyond peace or crime.

    With no darkness or light.
    no day or night.
    shall be no politics wanting to secede.
    While a common man thrives to unite.

    Far faraway beyond ignorance. there's no knowledge.
    no ego, no grudges.

    I know of a place where
    miles from justice & injustice, fair & unfair,
    there's no wit or wealth
    and no Kabir and Kuber.

    There is no one to recite Vedas, and no reverberation of Qoran.
    this and that, all absent.
    breathing and being, both unknown.

    Brother, that is where we meet again
    Hindu Muslim Nepali Hindi Sino,
    different faces, beliefs - but still men

    I will find you,
    in a place beyond earthly truths or lies
    and with no shame or tears in our eyes
    Beyond time.

    - सुshrey