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    The Pashmina slids down her right shoulder.The Winters knocked a little late this year but bonfire will pay the compensation for the lazy winters -The one that arrived a little late than its due date.Bonfire seems to excite her because that's the best thing she love about the frozen season.Their is something in the wind that crosses the streets in winters.The Way it touches the naked fingers leaving them cold,The Way it touches the Skin on the face leaving it cold again,The Way it tickles the feet with the coldness,The Way it freezes the emotions -Their is something in that wind -Something deadly and lovable at the same time.The Seconds wake up but a little late than usual due to the fog that cages the city during the early hours.

    Winters and her were always like two best friends sharing the secretive secrets,Spending the nights with the crime novels with the Marshmallows looking from right to left and vice versa waiting for them to grab and taste them.The Warmth that the pashmina gives her is like a mom protecting her child from those cruel winters.The Thread is pure just like emotions that were embedded within.The Days never supported her just like nights did.There were days when she knew she can turn for some warmth towards the sweaters the ones that were under the bundles of clothes of summers.The Fuzzy socks never left her alone not even when that anxiety attack happened -They were present with her in that dark hour -They were.She never asked them to hold on they just did respecting the emotions and love she have for them.Leaving someone without giving them any reasons -//This act can only be performed by Humans//.

    Hot cocoa has always been her supporter when the days take a u-turn and nights abandon her on the stranger streets.She remember how her mother used to give her a hot cup of cocoa on those winter nights with the marshmallows.Those nights were the best -Those winter nights with her mother by her side reading her the Stories.She always loved those fairytales but how naive of her to believe that they exist.

    -Now she knows
    Humans and Circumstances once turned colder can never bless you with the same warmth again.



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