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    The true story of my love life...
    Been always bound in this lumbersome love triangle.Dared not to express my feelings to him though I always knew he was in a draining relationship..

    LIE TO ME...

    Those bathroom walls
    Were stuffed with weight
    Of hefty mist
    Of his empty tears.
    Needed warmth of love
    In his stitched heart
    To sprout puerile cravings
    Then let them pierce.

    He would feign the thrill,
    Of her lipstick blotch
    Persuaded heart would
    Sense her lies.
    He embedded ache
    Into delude poise
    Of inept bliss
    And edgy cries.

    Hoaxed austere mind,
    Her misleading pledge;
    Could deceive his soul
    Though never mine.
    I'd see through the lies
    His scalding scars
    While he would cram
    "I'm just fine ..........."

    ~❤️ royaen

    ......But he always told me that he was just fine.

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    Lie To Me..

    Say , "I'm just fine"........