• been_broke 31w

    Give Me a Rainstorm

    I hope that one day
    I will have a rainstorm.
    To be soaked and washed away
    Into something I can almost comprehend
    Is my greatest desire.

    If a sparrow was born in a star,
    Where would it most want to reside?
    I grasp the Sparrow's feathers-
    My nails bluntly cutting into flesh
    above hollow bones.
    "I wasn't meant for this world" I whisper to the sparrow.
    The sparrow's wings ripple with corded muscle
    As they are slowly forced into aerodynamic obedience.
    "Take me to a place where belonging is a state of mind"

    The wind cuts my face ferociously,
    All sound seeming as if it is being filtered through a cheese grater.
    The sparrow's feathers grow around me.
    My gut is engulfed with imploding.
    To begin to recollect even a shred of memory
    Turns back the gears of time.

    To see her eyes break me down
    Into nothing but raw purpose
    To see him sitting there, gazing at the world
    Through enchanted spectacles.

    There are times when I wonder
    If there is anything I could do
    To build a bridge between my heart and my ribs
    So that I could relate to the electric, angry bodies
    Moving through that all-too familiar cylinder.

    Being born into a world of expectation and truth
    Is not the worst fate I could suffer.
    My rope of logic
    Is the only thing keeping me from going
    So give me a rainstorm
    So that I may
    Make sense of all this
    For if I was encased in wind
    Every little thing would be simplified
    For the better
    Or for worse.