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    Straining against the strands of stubbornness!

    People are strange. They make others feel small at the expense of other's insecurities. I've been at the receiving end too. It's not a good feeling. Being constantly judged for being yourself isn't a nice cup of tea. With time, I realized that there's enough skulduggery that goes around. The cadence of cacophony that won't let one be still with oneself, the irascible nagging voices of people, wearing the mask of well-wishers just to augment their faux power and place you under their rotund thumbs at their mercy. I've had enough of this. It's time to take back control. There's nothing that needs to be changed in me, for I was perfect to begin with, even in all my uncomely features. I came with all the right physical and mental accoutrements, so do not think of trying to change me or subjugate me or reprobate me, or else I'll nix your abhorrent nexus of pulchritudinous liars. Yes, that's what you are, have always been.
    You're the defilers of the pious inner sanctum of innocence in every person. Don't teach me your ways, for those aren't mine. I'll seek my own path, I'll barter my way in this world, but I won't bend to your whimsies and perverted fantasies. Those false qualities may work on others, but I am a diamond - sharp, hard and resplendent. I won't burn, but I'll sear you with my acid tongue.
    So begone! You spineless excuse for a human! Take that ugly facade of yours, that mirth on your face and never tread on my path again. You've seen my in my civility, don't force me to show you my bestiality. It's not nice. It's brutal. And, it's perfect.


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    I dare you to stop me