• be_nidhi 6w

    7th September, 2020

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    I hate that he took my innocence away,
    Gave me tears night and day,
    I hate he took my cherubic essence away,
    I feel like a fallen angel, dark and gray,
    I hate he never looked back in guilt and pride,
    Letting his faithful ego consume him; devouring my soul, his prey,
    I hate he rots in hell and entangles my consciousness with his dark evil plays & ways,
    I hate I dropped my standards and guard so low,
    Blind in love, hazed in our shadows,
    I hate he lives life with no responsibility for his actions & no desire for penance,
    I hate I can't rise above and liberate myself from this black hole, this cycle & mutilous circumstance,
    I hate that I keep lookin back no matter how hard I try to move forward,
    I hate that his consciousness baffles me in another realm still tryin to string me along,
    I hate I became a moth to his dark flame,
    I hate I couldn't stand up for myself and died a million deaths in unimagined ways,
    I hate I let myself become so powerless that having a golden heart became my biggest sin,
    I hate that my soul has so much depth that it knows not how to ever come to the surface and ends up cremating, burying itself all the time,
    I hate that darkness dances in all its gory forms and makes me wallow in endless, fiery pits,
    I hate that I go on and on and on and yet see no upswing change and aspiring hope of unthought thoughts . . .

    I hate that I go on and on and on . . .