• priya_pradhan 9w


    How quick is someone
    To pass a judgement,
    On the figure, look, attair
    And every single movement.

    How easily people critic
    You are right or wrong,
    And this set of mind will never be in track
    Rather will pass so long.

    People raise their eyebrows
    Encountering a fat, slim or small,
    The fact is they think themselves superior
    And confidently judge one and all.

    Judging someone is a simple task
    Which one can easily pass,
    It aims to offend others
    And is like pouring tea in a tass.

    Look, you not different
    Still they ignore your worth,
    Judgement is a first bitter truth
    Faced even at the time of birth.

    The moment you saw the world
    You were judged for your weight and colour,
    If your own members happily did it
    Then for strangers you should not put an expression of pallor.

    The eyes of judgement
    Is filled with secrets and lies,
    They will always mock you from behind
    But will never dare to meet your eyes.

    Judgement is a part of life
    And there's nothing to worry,
    Act of judging will surely lie on their soul
    So wait for the turn and let their deeds end in scurry.