• a_veiled_mystery 50w

    A Writer's Woes

    Sitting down
    Pen in hand
    The paper lying before me.
    I shook my head
    I rocked my brains
    My body simply defied me.

    The pen turned dry,
    The ink sublime,
    The emptiness of the paper
    Glared right back at me.

    Oh what a woe!
    The words wouldn't flow ,
    The sentences stood behind me.
    Refusing to move
    Stubborn and rude
    Disagreeing to join my army.

    Oh what a shame!
    My rhymes in vain
    My emotions locked within me.
    Covered and concealed
    Hidden and grieved
    The phrases sunk in me.

    I stood once again
    Failing to gain
    Not realising,
    This poem of groans
    This poem of woes
    Spewed in front of me.