• shaliya 5w

    Yes, You the one who is reading this.
    Lovers, haters, friends, family and Me,
    Everyone is God's blessed child.��

    Stay blessed angels������

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    Angel's visited me last night,
    They said Im God's blessed child.

    Whispered in my ears softly,
    That always nurture raw thoughts.
    With people you love,
    And forgive the haters apart.

    Being a moon child,
    It's time to taste the sunshines.
    Stop your whines at certain times!
    Observe and see,
    The world is full of divine.

    Kneel you head in front of lord,
    He is so merciful.
    That'll he'll rinse your sins,
    And make you blissful.

    Days of life.
    Will quickly fade away,
    Than you'll ever realise.

    Hence enjoy and pray,
    Help the needs, create some deeds.

    And come back with us,
    Ride in clouds made of pixie dust.

    Let's meet the lord,
    Who awaits for his blessed child.