• midoriy_writes 10w

    Better off

    Trying too hard to look cool,
    You'll only end up looking like a fool.
    Its hard for you to stay committed,
    So don't you tell me to just roll with it.
    You ain't worth my time,
    Ain't worth taking up the thoughts on my mind.

    Don't hit me up on my phone,
    You only want me cause you don't want to feel alone.
    Finally you realise you're on your own.
    Took you long enough to appreciate it,
    And now that it's all gone you've got some guilt.

    Sorry if it's hurts your pride,
    But I won't be your ride or die.
    Got better things to do,
    Don't expect me to be hanging around waiting for you.
    Gave you all those chances just so that you could blow them off,
    But that ain't never enough, you take it up a notch.

    What we shared was tragic,
    Said we were done and yet you are still nostalgic.
    You tell me I ain't good enough,
    You'll be acting all big and tough.
    And when the world turns it's back on you,
    You come crawling back to the one you always choose.

    Arentula Yaden