• asmarashid 4w

    Time to pack bags! (Tale of daughter getting married)

    Waking up to the sounds of enchanted, wriggling bells
    Who is playing the songs and making beats with drum?
    *It is time, it is time*, my anxious heart rolls and dwells
    Mother dancing in awe and singing with happy strum

    I thought, "this must be an illusion or one of those dreams"
    The next moment I saw myself staring the static gate
    I experienced emotions running deep through the stream
    It is written, it is written and I cannot mess with fate

    "Get ready! we are running late" , a memory suddenly flashed
    Has my father already landed in the land of joyous sorrow?
    I stepped my foot in the tub and mud scrub was splashed
    But granny! I cried, "I have to leave for a journey tomorrow"

    "Help me dad", it's grueling to detach these basic tags
    Let me preserve my childhood in, it's time to pack bags

    Asma Rashid //
    IG: Decipherable writings