• pvaibhav 5w

    Love is No longer

    How can I replace those nights which I spent in ur embrace in the place of these lonely nights?
    How can I replace the love of urs in the place of the feelings for someone else?
    How can I replace ur touch when u touched my soul and said, "u r mine"?
    It's not as easy as it seems to forget whom I loved a lot though I was shattered,
    How can I replace u from my life even everywhere u r settled down?

    Whatever I have done and whatever I am doing,
    it was just for the sake of keeping our relationship undying,
    Don't get me wrong but love has become a weak point of mine,
    And friendship has become a strong point of mine.

    No worries, if we r no longer together,
    But this love will tie us into a bond forever,
    People start blaming their love that they have destroyed everything,
    But I had started living a life in that particular moment as that was my everything.

    Every love has its own time, that was ours,
    But now I don't want to lose our happiness which is no longer ours,
    Start living our life with new enthusiasm and emancipation,
    The colours of my love have embraced me that we would for each other but not into any relation.