• urvashi_s 11w

    Who are you?

    Who are you?
    A lost soul,
    Wandering here and there
    Or a dream,
    Which turns into a nightmare?
    Are you a shadow,
    That follows me everywhere.
    Or a whiff that disappears?

    Your mere existence
    Makes me question everything.
    Are you a doubt,
    That I am chasing?
    Or am I chasing myself?
    Restlessly looking for something,
    In my chaotic mind that might help!

    So who are you?
    Are you somebody,
    Or are you me?
    Are you even present,
    Or are you my creation
    That exists in my imagination?
    Trying to speak to me
    Trying to take me out of reality!

    You maybe anything,
    You maybe nothing.
    But it just keeps me wondering
    "Who are you?"
    And the only thing I can tell is
    I have no cue.