• joyjoy 22w

    Sacred space

    Still in the corner
    Facing in the walls
    Punished for being broken
    For being flawed
    I hear the judgments
    I feel the scorn
    Still, I refuse
    To withdraw.
    What is it that
    Leads me through
    This night?
    Still in the corner
    The sturdy walls
    My only embrace
    Weeds grow at my feet
    But this time: no.
    I face the world
    With pointed defiance.
    I stand tall and proud
    On myself, I'm reliant.
    I shout to the world,
    Lungs full of breath
    Spare me your judgements
    I'll spare you my shame
    I'll conquer your demons
    You'll leave me just the same
    I'll return to the corner
    My sacred space
    Making small differences
    The world can't erase.
    But my corner
    Remains the same.
    And for that...
    ...for that,
    I am grateful.