• kavipriya_moorthy 45w

    Yagna - Post 3

    "Saanvi is getting married... Again," mom said. Saanvi got divorced years back. For a few, she getting divorced was wrong. For a few, it's a social status issue. A few said she was not brought up well enough that she didn't know how to 'adjust' and a few called her names.

    "With? Pankaj?" I asked. I knew he liked her a lot and they were seeing each other for a few months, recently.

    "Come on Yagna. Pankaj is single, how would they allow? Her parents found a guy who's divorced," mom said, casually.

    Should a divorced person marry another divorced/widowed person? Divorce just means they're single, again. I wrote in my diary.

    What about love? Is 'relationship status' another religion or caste? To find a match that has the same status? I don't understand how this would make her any different from a normal person. I added another line.

    "We had matches where the guy has kids and all, it was difficult! Divorce is a grey area, Yagna. Such a pain that she put us all through." Mom justified.

    So what if the other person has kids? Can't they make arrangements and agree on sharing responsibilities between the biological parents and move on?

    How is divorce a pain than staying in a wrong marriage? I wrote and closed my diary.