• flying_featherless 9w

    Come and just tell me....shall I wait or not ???

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    Some 6 months, 3 days and 7 hours have passed,
    when I last heard your voice,
    your voice so unexpectant,
    some kind of dejection I sensed,
    but never did I realize,
    it was the last time.....

    Never been so ruthless,
    how could you not tell me,
    it was the last,
    I had a lot to say, a lot to ask,
    a thousand questions keep running through my nerves even today,
    No it doesn't afflict now,
    but your memories are constant...

    Had you told, it was the end of our togetherness,
    I would have lived my life in those few minutes,
    cherishing us, till my breath ceased
    Had you assured me, you would return,
    I would have waited till eternity, Smiling

    But here I am,
    not knowing whether to await us together,
    But still, waiting for your last call,
    Cause you never said...that 3.45 minute conversation on 13th may was our last....