• eddierymbai 6w

    Chemical Hearts

    Your yellow soft hair
    And your bright sweet lips,
    With pale skin that lights up the air
    Always, not seldom, rain gold into my heart.

    At first you looked and turned but I knew you cared.
    Because as we walked and talked
    You gave me the piece that bound us for time.

    But where do you go?
    Or am I too slow
    To catch the steps you take from here to there.
    But then you showed me
    Through the secret passage of the old maze,
    And into the dark stairs, there, was the place you love most.
    Now, my heart was yours but yours was stolen by the person you cried for the most.
    As months flew by, it was that time again when had you lost your soul.
    And I could only search and comfort you in my arms,
    Because I had no power over your heart and soul and tears.
    Now I know why you had let me in.
    I was a reminder of him which you had took comfort in but not felt complete.

    But remember this.
    You will always be my first and the first to show me the verity of love.
    Because what we learn we never let slip, what our heart learns will stay on,
    Our Chemical Hearts.