• forevermess 5w

    And ,it's another winter morning,
    Has it been too long?
    The first time you clutched my hands,
    In the middle of the morning bazaar,
    My hands numb with cold
    And yours? Well the same warm ones.
    Maa used to say,
    I am an autumn girl, devoid of emotional warmth and changes,
    But I guess, she was wrong, because I noticed every bit of change in you,
    How you blinked to how you wetted your lips, everytime you spoke in that hushed tone of yours.

    And as I write, I realise it's another winter
    You spoke of all the inexistent things , which ain't possible in this subjective world,
    Yet listening to that manly voice of yours, made me believe they are the truest of truth.
    And yet again, I think, maa was wrong, when she said , I am the most logical person ever.

    I don't remember, when I truly fell in love,
    Was it when~
    You brushed my strangled hairs over my face,
    Or the moment, you fed me the panipuri with
    Your hands, while our eyes locked,
    Was it when, you took the left side while
    strolling through the road,
    Or did it take place in the moment, I rested my head in your shoulder, while the sun sank in the west, smiling at us.
    I don't know ,and dont wish to,
    For all the moments define love in itself.
    What I only know is , it was another frosty aurora,
    When it all started,

    And I hope, fifty years down the lane,
    You still take my breath away,
    In another winter daybreak , while my hands stay numb and yours the same warm,
    ..In another morning bazaar.

    -surabhi Debnath