• lizzyg 6w

    Dear Nigeria

    I write this with a bleeding heart. I write this in tears and in fear. I write this because you have failed your offsprings. You are termed the 'giant of Africa', but then you've only seemed to be a giant in evil, mischief, corruption and brutality.
    With tears in my eyes, I write this to a system that has failed us. To a system that has deprived her citizens of one basic human right, ' the right to life'. For how long shall we continue like this? You have failed us. You have tortured us, leaving us with wounds and scars that might never heal. We stand as one fighting for a new Nigeria. Will this new Nigeria ever come to be? Never would we forget the massacre at Lekki toll gate, dated 20-10-2020. This would go down in History as one worst thing a nation as you, could do to her citizens. We fight for a better Nigeria. One we would be proud to tell the unborn generation of.