• loverofthemoon_99 6w

    I Don’t Know

    Everyday I see you I feel like something is missing
    Whenever I kiss you, there’s no hint of what I once felt
    I often question myself
    Wondering out loud if I need help?
    Because we’ve been together for 4 long years
    There’s been tears, heartbreak, and so many fears
    But I’m trying to keep holding on
    Your so strong
    But deep inside I know we are both wrong
    Your constantly try to please me with gifts
    But that doesn’t change how I feel
    Would it be hard to let you go?
    Or am I going to keep holding on to my heart you stole?
    I’m wanting more than what you want
    I’m a different ship and your out in front
    I don’t know when I’ll be able to understand how I feel
    All I know is that my feelings are real
    You hate the way I think about breaking your heart
    You don’t want to find anyone else you never start
    I think of myself as toxic and completely messed up
    People say your perfect and I am too
    We are a match made in heaven
    Which I don’t think we do
    So I’m sitting here contemplating about what we are
    I don’t want your kisses or your stubborn goodbyes all I wish is that I would stay and try
    But everyday it feels like I want to die
    You don’t like it when I meet new people
    You try to get in the way and it’s unequal
    That’s why sometimes I think you’ll never be apart of my sequel