• anila_n 33w

    My Lost Friend

    I seek no answer, for I have no question.
    What went wrong between us, is still a riddle.
    I feel like picking up the phone and enquiring, "Can we be in touch?"
    But I know now, it's too late to say.
    I know I won't even wait for a goodbye!
    I wish I could gather all our memories and demonstrate to you that we were perfect..two of a kind..too good to be forever.

    You did what, no friend would ever do.
    You tried to swipe off love from me, before I could even unfold and manifest it, my friend.
    You knew very well it meant the world to me..and still you played those frolics around.
    Everyone around warned me of you.
    I was incompetent. I couldn't see.
    I turned deaf to all their words.
    I acted blind to all their views.
    Sometimes I blame myself for it.
    I think I knew about you for sure.
    My heart was stupid..it kept beating for you.

    God was gracious. I saved my love.
    I had to choose, between truth and you.
    I still yearned to stand, by your side.
    I think I left, for I knew answers would slit my mind.

    Have you ever felt guilty for what you have done?
    Because I apologise on your behalf too.
    My psyche still, protects you subconsciously too.
    Time flies and your lies have left a scar.
    A hole in my soul; a shattered heart behind the bar.
    I smile in loneliness more than often.
    I see your quintessence in others too.
    But this time I warn, myself first.
    Don't let someone break your trust.