• anshikajverma 5w

    A little more garbage of overthinking

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    Hail, snow, rain
    Hail, snow, rain
    Oh, I'm stuck
    What is that pain?
    Can I tell you now,
    What my fears are..?
    Or should I just be the one
    That loved you so far.
    Can I now entrust understanding
    Along with your songs of love?
    Or am I right that may be
    Love is that what it looks.
    Can I share that I'm still unprepared
    For living more
    Or the future to come soon
    Is the ghost of my past?
    Tell me now if I am
    Free enough to express
    And you are free too
    To make the right guess..
    Or is it again that winter full of
    Hail, snow, rain
    And forever I'll be stuck
    In this pain game?