• epistlesofapsychopoet 5w

    Failing is part of our journey.

    During the journey -
    Stand tall,
    Hold your head up high
    with pride and armour of light,
    Do not be afraid to do what is right,
    the colossal of fake will make them blind.

    The screams of silence will defeat the vague words of absurdities created by forsaken mind.

    The truth prevails even how vicious it will be kept underwraps by the perpetrator of the act.

    Life will always be meaningless and vague until such time you done justice in your own life.

    Do not live a life full of pretense of invisible thorns and and ambrosial endeavour of pious.

    Instead, build castle of self-love and self-dignity to make your life worthy.

    We always create our own rollercoaster ride.
    It is up to us to make the ride worthwhile or a big fat lie.