• moitreyee 10w

    "Love is not to be blamed
    when choices are wrong.
    Life is not to be blamed
    when mistakes are strong.

    Cursing an existence
    Some spit on fate.
    Blessing a myth
    Some admire the same.
    Glorifying honesty
    Some live in pretence."


    I am watching
    a million parallel lines
    sinking inside my pupils
    and creating bars around me.
    The walls melt down
    not to kill a boundary
    but to strike upon my senses.
    Walls stand again.
    They bear passivity
    Etched on bricks
    That states -
    "This metal lines of bar
    Are a creative prison."

    I have loved sunset.
    more than that,
    I love the way crimson kisses violet
    before fading away.
    Impossibilities are homesick mortals
    craving myths,
    which aren't seldom pronounced
    as a desperate nostalgia.

    "As everytime I drink eternity,
    I tend to spill all that's eternal."

    - Moitreyee Bhaduri.

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    You will never value my feelings.
    I will never value your ignorance.