• mhyzelle 23w

    Almost Yours

    It's not your fault,
    you are not misfortuned or cursed.
    It's not because of your past,
    you are not being punished or deprived.
    It's not because you're not yet ready,
    you are not being tested.

    I know, you've done your best.
    You gave your life to the baby.
    Though you are not able to keep her,
    she probably wants you to move on.
    It may be hard, slowly find your peace.
    She might not be yours now,
    I'm sure you'll have someone soon.

    Don't be scared to try again.
    Don't lose hope and pray.
    Have faith that one day,
    an angel just like her might come.
    May it be a boy or a girl,
    it will surely be yours by then.
    In time my dear, in time.