• mr_74_ 23w

    To know and feel love ,
    But choose the other way .

    I enjoy lonely life ,
    Sometimes I choose to engage .
    But I like no responsibility ,
    With the doors open on my cage .

    I don't mind , the other birds stopping by .
    When they leave in the morning ,
    I do no cry , as I may see them again ,
    Wandering by . Or creating shadows ,
    Passing in the sky . I enjoy the glare after each flap arise . Some come back , I'm not surprised .
    But we continue to live our lonely lives

    as God fills my soul ,
    My spirit travels at night , when I lay here all alone .
    I'm free as a bird , with no strings attached , I can fly as high as I can see . Sometimes I don't come home , but feel at home, I love to live free .

    I do wonder sometimes , what some could have been .
    But I try not to look back , as they are gone in the wind .