• ecstaticallylost 9w


    So heal the wrong, tear the soft,
    Maddening world you're so gross.
    A broken heart is built like a loft,
    Tightens it up with a strong lid of numbness,
    Stuffed inside is rage and plenty scars,
    Ardent and supportive sometimes,
    But indulged within the walls of inner wars,
    And from the outside,
    It looks like cotton candy wrapped around a star,
    Soft and welcoming,
    Then slowly the crusader tries to impregnate poison,
    Unveiling malodorousness, playing their awful cards,
    Little does the world know monsters don't get hurt when you throw darts!
    Turning behind to say that you are wasting your time,
    But you have been there from the start,
    They go harder on you,
    So keep your coldness as your only guard.
    And when life goes tougher,
    Break you in pieces and parts,
    You're a monster,
    Play only that part!

    Abdul Rahman