• beingnormal 5w

    Manufactured emotions.

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    There was very lonely and a boring person who had pretty much everything. He had no friends. He had acquaintance but no friends. Out of his boredom from life one night he suddenly wanted a friend. A friend who would never leave his side and stay with him whenever he needed. This guy after 5 years of his hardwork. Created a creature. That would have the brain of a human. He locked it up in his basement and would have conversations about his life. The more he kept talking about the outside world that creature wanted to take a peek into the outside world. One day she asked him to take her outside. The thing is if the creature steps outside the house it dies. But the person after so much convincing understood that she is not going to listen to him. As soon as he took her outside within 10 mins she started turning into dust. She looked at him and smiled while he smiled back at her.