• fmcs09 24w

    I lay on the sand in a summer night looking up at the sky
    Wishing upon a star with only one thought in mind
    "Where are all the stars?"
    Starring at the black sky is like looking at a blank sheet of paper wondering what I should write
    "if only I had a magic pen I could write a new beginning"
    Days pass by
    my life seems to fade away
    Feeling empty inside losing myself to the abyss no way out
    No where to run too
    Living life day to day as if waiting for the day my heart will stop beating at last but then what?
    Would you cry for me if I was gone
    Bringing back the memory on wishing to have that one star to wish upon for everything from my life to go away
    And start a new beginning to live a life with no sorrows, pain, feeling,tears, love, hate and being in control
    But I am human so my biggest burden is my heart to feel
    Its what makes me feel alive