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    //Never begin something that you are going to leave half way//

    When things fade, I'm sure that they will one day, I want you to remember that it isn't the end of the world. Not when the clock strikes 12 am or it's past the 3am of brokenness. The dusk and the dawn are made of the same sun. It's just a different sky.

    We live in a time where things are cared for more than the living souls. It's a waste of a lifetime. Materialism got the better of us. I wanted you to know that it's okay to care for someone, its okay to feel emotions, what's not okay is to wrap everything inside and sit on the old chair thinking of ways to get back to the time that has gone by. You can't change people or their habits, but what you can change is the way you perceive their actions. Forget about the bad times, but never forget what you have been through, it's like reading a book about what you have become.

    Those eyes will cry, sometimes out of happiness and other times of pain. But, that's what defines us. Our weakness is a story worth cherishing, but never worth rereading. It's okay for the clouds to cry, but they too carry the power to produce thunder storms.

    Not everyone needs an anchor to drag them down. Sometimes they are their own anchors. I want you to swim across the ocean of thoughts and desires. Break free from these nightmares that you gift yourself. You aren't bad or good, you are just you in the situation you are put through. So get over your mistakes and begin again.

    There is always a way to end things, either abruptly or with a bang (preplanned and hypothetical), but it must all end. You get to choose your endings. Yeah, just try being more convincing, say these words- " what if this was the last thing I ever got to do, would I still do it the same way ?"

    //Start dreaming more than you fail, it's okay to fall. Just dust off and get up. You always can start over. Remember that you only get one life as a human, make it worth it.//


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