• rifaza 23w

    # 1

    As we entered the school campus there came Emily(friend) my sweet chubby little pie����
    she gave a tight Hugh lovely... I felt so warm in dis cold morning����

    Suddenly someone twisted, tightened me from my back .. I almost felt like a sandwich between his arms.!!
    "O my lovely cat" zasha!!!!!!!
    Stop it!! I can't breathe Mike ����
    MIKE: hey my little doll glad to see u after a long time��
    ZASHA: me too Mike !! I widened my smile..
    (He looks so handsome in his dark black outfit with his 'blue shining eyes' lovely ���� my bestiee.)
    REENA: glad we all are back ...
    "Its time for class" Jake whispered ...
    "I noticed jake "he look so worried .... Dull face, dark circles around his eyes. I can't see his enthusiast smile, he was soo paleee and and tired too... "what the hell happened to him" I mused myself ��
    ZASHA: hey jake!! I just hugged him
    JAKE: he sounds normal and gave me a fake smile...
    REENA:slugggg!!! Hurry up or else Mr.butler(math professor) gonna fire us����...
    ZASHA: quickly I put a pause to my thoughts and waved my head .. yea I am coming sweetheart��.
    To be continued...

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