• fighter_soul 10w

    My love!!

    When did I became this strong?
    How did that happen?
    Questions everywhere without a logical answer!!
    All I know is I became strong enough to love a person without expecting anything in return.
    I'm still happy even when I'm ignored by the person I love.
    It sounds foolish, yet it's so real.
    A smile crawls upon my lips when I think about the love I'm capable to give in such a hurtful situation.
    I read somewhere that love involves give and take. But, here I'm happy in only giving and it's so soothing.
    I just chose a person to give my love which is bottling up inside me..
    I found happiness in giving!!
    That's their choice whether they choose you or not!
    Love is beyond this body!
    It need to expressed!
    I'm doing the same!
    I'll do the same!!
    I still wonder,when did I became this strong?