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    Chapter 6

    "You don't have much time left , Mira.You know what's coming ,better makeup your mind ."

    "I know ! But I just can't .... you know.... "

    "what's wrong with you? Don't you want to protect your kingdom , your people ?

    Mira looks at him and says,
    "And he is my only reason , I will never fight him"

    Jey looks away from her into the clouds , with a sad face , "I see , so it is inevitable."

    "I will neither give him his memories back nor will I let anyone hurt him.I'm just going to be with him , after such a long time.This time i'm not going to let him do things alone.I will follow him whether he choses this world or the other. I left him in the forest and came back only to inform his arrival and my decision "

    "You leave me with no choice , then."

    Jey raises his hand and his men starts firing arrows at Mira. While Mira is busy defending herself he stabs her with his knife.

    "Sorry , Mira. This is the only way"

    ( feeling dizzy)"But.... He trusted you!!"
    and she loses consciousness.

    (to himself) "That is why i must do this"

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