• illicit_skunk 6w


    2nd July, 2020.
    2:30 a.m.

    i am a transgressor as a lover;
    i have always been that way.
    does that make me an obsessed maniac?
    i guess the answer is subjective;
    well, maybe not.

    last night, i dreamt of a cyborg.
    wearing a mackintosh,
    he was floating in cyberspace.
    clicking daguerreotypes with his eyes
    like a lost daphnia in the ocean sky.
    a sudden torrent washed him away.

    i wonder
    how the archer looks
    wading through the water meadow
    under the piscene moon.

    in your eyes,
    you always try to hide the pain.
    i wish i could relieve you
    of all of it;
    but that would leave you
    a bad writer.

    i am not making any sense;
    not that i intend to.