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    Moving forward,
    flitting you behind,
    I am moving forward.
    Boundless my love is but,
    I don't claim loving you as before.
    Here is enough grief to take care of,
    however, if you misinterpret me this time,
    then I would let it be that way.
    Here, I've to live, love isn't
    the riposte to
    in any way.
    my life is bitter,
    what sweet words I write to you,
    I am not short of words either,
    but wouldn't be able to
    fill sweetness
    in order.

    Life seems newer
    without you,
    happy or not,
    but I'm learning,
    learning to adapt,
    learning perseverance.
    I've learnt some from you,
    some more, circumstances would teach me.
    You might have forgotten me by now,
    but I've transversed the sorrow,
    the memorable moments we shared,
    I'll live through them, each tomorrow.

    Creases on my bed,
    but, not because of you,
    isn't that enough to extend my plight?
    But now I've realised that it actually isn't.

    //Not a love song,
    not essentially so,
    not a sad one either,
    at least not to let everyone know.//

    I lost you someday,
    and now, I've lost to my failed attempts.
    I lost you someday,
    and now there's only life left to lose.

    © Sarbari Bhowmick ��

    Inspired by the brilliance of "Mujhse Pehli Si Mohabbat" by Faiz Ahmed Faiz Sahab ♥️

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    I lost you someday
    and now there's only life left to lose