• bareroots 5w

    Playing With Fire

    I opened the door
    Added wood
    Hoped the fire would ignite

    I gave it space
    I gave it fuel
    A spark and it took flight

    I watched it closely
    Stayed nearby
    In case it dwindled low

    I gave it food
    To sustain light
    I watched the fire grow

    Golden eyes
    From roaring flames
    A fire full of life

    Just enough
    Of the right ingredients
    In darkness there is light

    One step back
    But close enough
    To feel the warm caress

    Not too close
    Not too far
    Be careful every step

    Then the fire
    Engulfed my soul
    As I dove in head first

    I was excited
    I was enticed
    I had to quench my thirst

    I felt the rush
    Red hot flames
    My heart was in a race

    But I got too close
    Excitement took over
    Hot ash it stung my face

    I felt defeated
    I let the fire
    Get the best of me

    But maybe that
    Is what I needed
    To finally be free

    From the fire