• roi_des_tenebres 10w

    There was a time
    I thought I can do something to define the line between us,
    You never confess, the hidden face, I never guessed
    The more I saw you,

    the more was less.

    But it’s all now in a past tense
    I know I promised to pass this
    All my words seem baseless
    Forgive me love, for the ignorance

    I’m a mess, a mischief
    What else you call it.
    Want a kiss, in disbelief
    Life isn’t a comic

    Gone characters cannot come back
    Silence, is the worst attack
    For the record, it is just a fact
    Broken pieces cannot attach

    The pact, I had with myself
    Yea, falling for you
    I know, I was mad
    I was scared

    I still remember it was a Friday
    Love at first sight?
    not possible, okay, I got it
    Forget about it, she’s outta league
    Think a ton times before you preach
    I felt like a locker, she might have the keys

    mistakes cannot teach
    It makes you the teacher
    Fates cannot meet
    No, nothing was mutual

    Yea, every fuck up should come with a tutorial
    Realize, it ain’t a movie
    This shit is for real

    No cure, not anymore
    taking on the load
    while I’m walking down the road
    You showed me
    Nobody here to listen
    let god be,

    A cord deep, through my chest
    A sour teeth, signals a threat

    but now
    I don’t care
    cause you’re not there
    I am just an emotionless man
    And while I’m writing this down,
    I think I can’t express it, damn!

    “Even If I don’t love you, I do, I do
    Even If I don’t love you, I do"

    Baby girl, wait a second for me
    I was right here, waiting, from the second I reach,

    I ease, myself
    I please, myself
    release, myself
    But I’m just freeze, no more myself

    Anything else
    you wanna show me?
    I’m just melt
    you gonna throw me
    An idiotic lunatic, what else you call me
    And when the worlds lock you out...
    I promise I’ll be all me

    Still, I haven’t blocked you
    If you’re down, just call me
    The same way you did, like a small kid
    All your love for me

    fall deep

    Only place you in my arms, is a world beneath my sleep
    I know you are stuck
    somewhere inside
    I’ll put you above

    So that you can
    guide me,

    divide me,
    into two

    might be,
    love for you

    while we,
    cannot undo

    “Even If I don’t love you, I do, I do
    Even If I don’t love you, I do"

    We cannot meet, even if I want
    We cannot feel, even if you want

    Just two bodies, without a soul
    Just a winter without cold
    Just a tale left untold

    We cannot be we, even if we want

    Yea, To be frank,
    "can’t" isn’t a word.
    To began,
    damn, isn’t a curse

    Verses going on in my mind,
    My mouth is shut
    All I feel is the time
    going on, undone
    I can’t stop it but

    I try to seize it
    Not to get low

    I think I shouldn't had admit it
    that love meant to let go

    “Even If I don’t love you, I do, I do
    Even If I don’t love you, I do"