• lost4u 10w

    Three Mistakes

    After having a lot of issues in the past which changed me alot as a person I think that I should share the biggest lessons of my life which I've learned till now. It took a hell lot of time with hell lot of pain and sleepless nights to learn these lessons.We all have gone through something which changed us completely as a person both inside out ,which tore us apart and it made us realize who we really are.It made us aware about our strengths,weaknesses and who we really are. So the first lesson is
    1.)Never be the prisoner of your past: We are all humans and we tend to make mistakes,we are tend to make wrong choices.But the actions or choices we did in the past makes us who we are today as a person.We should never live in our past because we might miss the beauty of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.Living in the past will only bring you pain in various forms but living in the current moment might bring beautiful possibilities for tomorrow.So stop complaining if someone did bad to you,stop blaming yourself for your failure,stop complaining for the situations you are stuck in right now and concentrate on today for a beautiful tomorrow.Just stop blaming.
    2.)Never think about the things you can't control: Don't you think we think alot about the things we can't control like someone else decisions, about their actions,about their thoughts,about their wrong doings and stuff. Worrying alot wont change the results it will only hurt you and take away your peace.The best you could do for yourself is to control yourself rather than thinking about the things you can't control.Make peace with your surroundings.
    3.)Believe in yourself: Last but not the least in a world of negativity where people want to drag you down to their level,believe in yourself. My dad always tells me that you can achieve anything you want in life if you start believing in yourself rather than believing in others.You can get the house you want,the partner you need,the car you desire,the dreams you burn for if you start believing in yourself first. Believe that you can achieve,believe that you are capable.IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN YOURSELF HOW CAN YOU EXPECT OTHERS TO BELIEVE IN YOU??