• abhayrao 6w


    Realms of strange where possibilities exist
    So far from mundane, so deep in the mist
    Confined by our views, discovery so alien
    So weary of the new, so biased to begin
    Trapped in mirrors of our own making
    Anchored to society, so far from path breaking
    Step into the shadows, explore the unknown
    Their light is harsher, for it wants control
    Moral policing like torches pointed outward
    Brighter the light, better hidden the coward
    Flipping the script on how we view people
    Torchbearing saviours how many did you kill?
    Manipulating truths like good story telling
    Believers galore, these lies so comforting
    Beacons of hope, all twisted in this light
    Only in the darkness, can one win this fight
    Just beyond care, present but not there
    Planting seeds of hope, in midst of despair
    Grasping at straws, our humanity too precious
    When the world's upside down
    It's time to seek some darkness
    Open new pathways, malleable is our mind
    Enter the darkness and answers you may find