• daisysaragada 9w

    Just like the moon
    I too go through the phases.

    No matter what phase I'm in
    I'm still a whole.

    I'm the moon and I play a game.
    I'm not the same always.

    Sometimes I'm in darkest moments,
    until I once again shine bright,
    but I learn to embrace both dark and light.

    Sometimes I'm full and round,
    just like a silver sphere,
    gathering thoughts and plans.

    Sometimes I'm a crescent,
    sending hopes and desires with smile.

    Sometimes I'm a half of me,
    when I face obstacles I don't fall,
    but time for me to push forward.

    I surprise you and hide for a while,
    but seems to be near to you.

    Just like a moon passes through phases,
    I too go through the phases to return to full.


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    Just like the moon
    I too go through phases.