• upsilon400 5w

    Perfectly Pictured Imperfectly

    Timeless and framed is the appealer of my eyes,
    still as the inanimate
    and unaware of my admiration.
    I bear many an inquiry that's sure to fail
    upon mountains of ofher inquiries
    all addressed to a deaf ear.

    With fascination taking hold
    over the minds herded single file.
    How many take the bait of your smile
    when all eyes turn to you as if hallowed
    or glinting as a star out of the ordinary.
    And you never knew, never heard and never seen
    how much you've always meant to any of us.

    What was it that I had once seen?
    A beauty crowned with adoration
    or another aesthetic plastering
    concealing a secret beauty
    distorted with churning concoctions
    all for the sake of appeal, there are so many.