• __pratik_ 45w


    Eam Shamir once shared a long history of love and hate.
    Landing from the heaven he made his father proud in the lane.
    But today's crown means for tomorrow's slave!
    Who knew that? Who knew that!

    Eam Shamir had a question though
    He came out to be different from the hierarchy so!
    Gender was his trouble or
    Was it gender which made him a trouble?

    He shared a character of male and female both
    Does a single alien word in this world of languages made any sense forth?
    The feelings that He kept inside Her body
    Was an enjoyable passtime for that neighbouring kid as his hobby!

    So one sunny winter day -
    War was waged on him by the civilised society - which they call that way!!
    Though it pained - he still wished to live.
    He was a Mortal with a low surviving date.
    Still he left us with a question to be answered that day.

    Court - Judge - Justice played their game no well!
    For Eam Shamir was a hermaphrodite
    Which was objected by his society as well.

    For no one looked through Eam Shamir's eyes
    Coz they fear to see the world where love resides.

    Eam Shamir was a loving soul.
    For who in the worlds can see a lovely being?
    For they discriminated him for his out of the box thing!
    Still he tried to show the meaning of love
    But like a falling star he soon left
    Without being hurted much!