• sillyoldsoul_1111 6w

    Conditioning vs Character

    Let's just admit, we are all humans, which means, experiencing both positive and negative emotions. Then why is it that children are mostly expected to be at their best behaviour all the time? Why do People encourage, display of positive emotions and disregard their need to express negative emotions openly? Isn't it ironic how children are taught to be at their best behaviour, while they witness adults around them expressing emotions of rage, anger and frustration in front of them? What judgments could a child possibly form out of it? Many a times, when people are silent, understand it's not their inability to talk but their conditioning that's keeping the words bundled up inside their throat.
    The fascinating thing is this conditioning is often tagged as a characteristic feature that the child holds. Most of us are made to believe that we are born that way. Lol. "She doesn't talk much! She is usually silent". "He doesn't argue anytime, he is a good boy". And it takes enough of trauma & an awakening to realize that this was merely just a conditioning and to start unlearning it from the roots, which is never easy yet possible. Otherwise, most of us are convinced, we are born and made that way. I wish people could comprehend the fact that it isn't their characteristic trait if it's keeping them from expressing but their conditioning that needs to change. I hope someday we will realise kids who don't have to heal from anything because we did the work for them :)