• itsme_belza 22w

    To the youth out there. Always remember this ✨

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    It's okay to cry

    It's okay to let go of the pain

    Crying doesn't mean your weak,

    It's just that you've been so strong for long time carrying the pain of the world.

    It's okay.

    Well if you see a river.

    What does it tells you?

    Currently nothing right. It's just flow.

    So it means you need to start crying
    Why is that crying is bad if the element of water cleans us.

    Let the water flow in you're cheeks.

    Let the water cleans you

    And let me tell you.

    Some of us loves beaches. And like other beaches that are full of water.

    Your cry is wonderful.

    You don't have to keep your tears until one day it breaks into you're eyes.

    You can allow youreself to gently let go of the things that bothering you.

    So if you're ready, i hope you find your strenghts to let go..