• shivangi_lavaniya_ 31w

    You know what hurts this patriarchal culture. This dominance even at home.
    This feeling of being controlled even when not. There's a feeling of being tied up every moment by an invisible thread that gets tighten up every time you try to step up and protest.
    But the moment it gives us strain we feel suffocated and we give up ignoring the fact that every strong thing has a breaking point even that thread will break only if we have the courage to try til that point.
    I see this whole society following a vicious cycle deliberately.
    I don't know why but I never heard any women telling me "you are grown up now, trying searching for a job and get independent or what are your dreams or plans."
    But I have heard they telling me to start learning how to cook, I have been told to start managing household work coz it's expected of me.
    And I don't understand how do we say then we are growing when the mindset is still stagnant.
    I once noticed an elderly man noticing me then another man intruded him and asked what happened to which he said
    "just seeing how we invest on them(girls) and we teach them so they get married one day"
    And to my surprise the other man replied
    "it's traditions, need to be followed anyway"
    I am tired of watching marriage as an essential part of living, I mean why is marriage so important for people when I saw almost all of them suffering after that. They spend endless hours and years trying to fill the gap, trying to develop understanding but most of them fails, the grudges the incompleteness prevails. People love the feeling of being Complete by getting married even after knowing deep down this won't help them ever in getting whole, they are lonely even when they have someone.
    You know what pinches? The patriarchal culture that is visible as well as invisible and trying to clutch us in both the ways. ‎Most of the time I realize girls suffer not because of the men but the women that gave him those thoughts, the upbringing. ‎I find not just men but women too for this patriarchal culture that prevails here.

    ©Shivangi Lavaniya