• manjitkumarsaikia 6w

    Our story need no filter.

    Our late night conversation gives me blissed,
    Amidst night I want to be kissed.

    I want to sew all your scars,
    And want to be your favorite star.

    I want our love to be amorphous,
    I know that you have a heart which is enormous.

    I love your eyes which are so charming,
    And your hands in my hands that's what I was craving.

    I never believed in "forever",unless I fell in love,
    And I want to travel miles with you near the cove.

    Everything gets blurred whenever I see you,
    How much I love you,you wouldn't have any clue.

    I promise I won't let you feel effete,
    And would try to be your best companion whenever you will need.

    I want to be your celestial objects,
    And In my every sentence you're the subject.

    You know that you're the apple of my eye,
    And I want to see you flying high.