• smartsam 6w

    My Dear Wife to Be!

    I wish to hold your hand
    all our life.
    You just I desire forever
    to be my dear wife.

    You hairs I yearn
    to cuddle, play unfurl.
    Cup of tea of your hands
    I please
    when I feel so dull.

    I need your words & eyes
    to lift-up my dampened faith.
    Your touch oh so special
    Close-knit we always get.

    I want to explore
    beautiful your silky hairs.
    I long to see it's style peculiar.
    Keep curling it with my fingers
    laying on your laps
    When I feel so bore!

    Your busts graceful impouding
    All night my head will on rest.
    All my despondency, sadness
    its majesty will erase.

    I wish to lay my head
    mildly on your soft shoulders.
    Sometimes when life
    unexpectedly goes biwilder.

    I desire mystic special
    latent scent of your skin.
    Its after-thought keeps me from other inticing beings!

    Voice yours my love
    always I yearn for.
    At times your voice & tone
    becomes my invincible cover.

    I need your hand in my hand
    its grip would relief me & assure.
    God Jehovah is always
    with us both saying
    please do not fear!

    Everyday and night
    I need your mind and soul.
    So beautiful our love story
    never ends till life whole.